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TIMIA-Verlag ist a Swiss publishing company that was founded to promote and spread well-grounded homeopathic literature. The company doesn't pursue any economic goals. Further authors are welcome anytime.


Heinz Wittwer (1955*) about himself:

Born and raised in the countryside of Zürich (Switzerland) I studied chemistry at the ETH in Zürich lacking inspiration for anything else. These studies were followed six years of assistance while writing my dissertation on polymerchemistry. At the age of 30 I went to Cortona (Italy) for a conference entitled „Natural science and the wholeness of life“– organizied by the ETH – and came in touch with homoeopathy for the first time. There has been an experienced homoeopathic doctor who had a lecture telling stories of daily life in his practice. One week later I knew my mission. I started to study medical science the following year with the aim of becoming a homoeopathic doctor. After graduation I started learning homoeopathy. My first teacher was Jost Künzli, then I attended the three-months-course in Augsburg and learned from Mohinder Jus. Further education I received from Wolfgang Springer, Andreas Richter and Jan Scholten. For 20 years I am working as a homoeopathic doctor in Zürich in my own practice.

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